Acquisitions Associate

Ty Pion

Ty Pion has a diverse background in sales, logistics, and entrepreneurship. Ty brings a unique set of skills and experiences to his role as an accomplished Acquisitions Associate at Storage Point Capital.

As an Acquisitions Associate, Ty is responsible for building relationships with Storage Point Capital's clients, helping them achieve their goals with a successful exit from their business or assets. His exceptional ability to understand and connect with clients provides transparency, trust, and professionalism in all he does.

Prior to joining Storage Point Capital, Ty's professional journey began with his first sales role conducting door-to-door sales straight out of high school. He then attended Central Michigan University, where he honed his sales skills before building a million dollar book of business as an International Freight broker. After exiting the freight brokerage industry, he became the Director of Sales for a startup marketing company where he found his love for entrepreneurship. This role ultimately catapulted him into starting his own construction business which inevitably led him into the storage industry.

Considering Ty’s proven track record of being a self-made, driven entrepreneur and salesperson it was an easy decision to bring him aboard as one of SPC’s first Acquisition Associates.