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Selling Your SELF-STORGE ProperTY?

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With our dedicated team available to address all your needs, partnering with SPC  will ensure you gain value from a sale. We stick to our four main values of Growth, Innovation, Respect, and Transparency in all we do, so you can rest assured that we deliver when selling your self-storage property.

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The Right Deal

Why Sell To SPC?

With our strategic development and operational expertise, we are devoted to delivering strong results for all of our opportunistic self-storage projects. From the initial consultation to closing, our team works with our various trusted vendors to guarantee sales are completed smoothly with the appropriate financing, properties are managed efficiently, and deals are handled correctly with the right due diligence in place.

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Here’s how selling TO SPC works:

  • We form and build a relationship with you, learning your exit objectives and your requirements during an initial consultation.
  • Our expert acquisition team assesses key data to ensure that a sale is the right move for you.
  • We provide multiple options so the seller can make a choice based on what suits them best.
  • Once the offer is accepted, our proven due diligence process will ensure a successful transaction.
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